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Nanotechnology and Catalysis Research Center (NANOCAT) is a PTJ incorporated by the Universiti Malaya (UM) in 2012, a Universiti Malaya Centre of Excellence (UMCOE). Its mission is to be a world leader in catalysis and nanotechnology coining sustainability and green technology. NANOCAT research thirst is deploying catalysis to support energy, chemical synthesis, environment pollution, and global warming mitigation as well as designing smart materials as a catalyst, sensor, nanocoating, and nanocomposites.

NANOCAT was given a status of Potential HiCOE in 2013 in catalysis. The center has strived to attain a national status for HiCOE (MOHE) as well as Nanocenter (NNC, MESTECC) with strong support and commitment from UM. In the last 6 years (2013 to 2019), it witnessed a pronounced explosion in its productivities in all aspects including numbers of postgraduate students, grants received consultancy, publication, pattern/copyright and etc.

Last Update: 20/12/2022